It’s finally happened.  For the first time since the late 70’s I am without a Canon camera.  Shocking, I know.  Since I bought my very first AE-1 Canon products have never let me down unless I did something dumb which, fortunately, didn’t happen very often. As I graduated through the Canon line from the AE-1 to the A-1 then a succession of several EOS models I’ve been happy with Canon products.  Even through the 90’s when I was lugging around a 4X5 field camera and a boat load of film holders I still had at least one Canon body and a couple of lenses.

Then it happened:  Along came Sony.  I wasn’t swayed at first but when 2 photographers that I admire and respect tried Sony and ended up selling most or all of their Canon gear I took notice.  And about 3 years ago when I started traveling full time for work I needed something smaller than a Canon kit so I took the plunge and opted for a Sony a6000 with a couple of lenses.  Then I acquired a Metabones adapter that allowed me to use my excellent Canon lenses with the Sony.  And my photographic life hasn’t been the same since.  And today I took the complete plunge, arranging to trade most of my Canon gear for a Sony A7ii with a 28-70mm lens.  Here’s how it happened:

Yesterday I took Heather to the Avalanche Floor Hockey Clinic at Pepsi Center.  While we were waiting I saw another photographer with a Sony camera strapped around his neck and ambled over to talk to him.  Turns out Sony is running a major trade in/trade up promotion and he had just gotten his Sony gear by trading in his Canon gear.  We talked for a while and I admired his A7ii then decided to check the deal out for myself.  Why?  Simple….In the almost 3 years I’ve had the a6000 my Canon body hasn’t come out of the bag more than once or twice.  I’ve had the Canon 60D for over 6 years and the shutter count was still less than 3000 clicks.  The a6000 is simply a smaller, lighter, more efficient camera so it’s the one I grab when I’m headed out.  Anyway, here’s the deal:  for their Sony trade in/trade up promotion there are some substantial discounts.  If you own Canon or Nikon gear and are looking to trade, pay attention.  I checked the deal out online and even got a routing label from B&H to ship my gear to them for evaluation.  Then I had a thought and called Englewood Camera to ask if they are participating in the Sony deal.  They said “yes” so I packed the gear and headed over.  Here’s the gear I traded in:

Canon 60D body, Canon 17-40mmL, Sigma 10-20mm, Sigma 50-500mm, Canon 28-105.

The Sony with lens is retailing at $1998.  My gear priced out at just under $1360.  Then comes the good stuff:  Sony has a $200 instant rebate.  Then there’s a $300 trade in bonus and finally the deduction for my gear.  With tax I’m getting the upgrade for less than $180 out of pocket.  And the good news is I got to keep my Metabones adapter and my beloved Canon 70-200mm f4L lens.  Had to do it because the A7ii is a full frame sensor and the Sony lenses I have for the a6000 are for APS-C.

Despite what I think is a screaming good deal there are a couple of downsides.  With the disposal of the 10-20mm I no longer have ultra wide capability and with the 50-500 gone I don’t have any super tele capability.  But there are lenses for the Sony that will accomplish that and those will come in time.

Believe me, it was difficult to pull the trigger on the Canon gear.  It’s been so good and faithful for me but I’ve become a Sony convert.  Sorry Canon….It’s not you, it’s me.  I have found someone else.