It’s that time again.  Time to look through the images I’ve compiled during the year and tell some of them “Sorry, you’re not good enough.”  Well, that may be a bit dramatic but I found quite a few images that I really like during the past year.  I wish I could post them all but I have purposely limited myself to 12.  One for each month.  This year, for the second year in a row, I haven’t used any vacation time for photography trips.  My job involves a lot of travel and I carry a camera with me everywhere I go so I don’t really need to dedicate a week to a photo trip.  I go on a photo trip almost every week!  So without further adieu, here are my Best images of 2015.

20141231-IMG_2374The past few years I’ve started a tradition of photographing at sunrise in New Year’s Day.  January 1 of 2015 found me standing on the 4th tee box of City Park Golf Course for this image of Denver backed up by Mount Evans.  A little chilly but definitely worthwhile.

20150122-IMG_0741A couple of weeks later in January found me in Tampa, FL.  Our work group got together at our Tampa office for a week of bonding and training and our team outing was a trip to Busch Gardens in Tampa.  The park is decorated with several neat scenes like this one.


This year I seem to have come up with several sunrise and sunset images.  This is a sunset image of the Missouri River Bridge between Quincy, IL and West Quincy, MO.  I’m seeing more and more of these styles of bridges around the country and they can be quite attractive.


In March I had to spend a week in Hawaii for business.  It was a nasty job but someone had to do it and it most likely would have killed a lesser man.  The first night I took a walk on Waikiki Beach and was rewarded with a wonderful sunset.


One of the clients I visit regularly in Utah has a facility in St George which is just 30 minutes from the entrance of Zion National Park.  This image of The Watchman and the Virgin River is one of the iconic views of Utah.  I made this image by putting the feet of my tripod in the holes left there by thousands of tripods before me.


Another western icon.  I found this image in March not far from my daughter’s house in San Tan Valley, AZ.  Love the purple mountains’ majesty.


During my travels I’m always looking for interesting scenes around the hotels where I’m staying.  I found these succulents in a planter at the entrance to a hotel in San Diego.  The symmetry and colors make it one of my favorite images of the year.


I was photographing on the beach west of San Diego and saw some nice light on a grove of Eucalyptus trees and while I was walking over there I happened to glance to my left and saw this scene.  I nearly busted my gut getting the camera set up for this image.  Just goes to show you, tunnel vision is not a good thing if you’re a photographer.


Another of my images from Hawaii.  After a few days on Oahu I flew out to the Big Island and my hotel in Hilo was next door to the Hilo Japanese Gardens.  I’m still partial to the Japanese Gardens in Portland, OR but this was a pretty nice place too.


Every year I resolve to look for more “street” images.  During a walk through the French Quarter in New Orleans I found this gentleman participating in a chess match on a street corner.  Definitely one of my 2 or 3 favorite  images of the year.


The first time I got assigned meetings in Carlsbad, CA I was bummed.  My perception was of a wasteland city in the desert.  Boy, was I wrong!  Carlsbad is a beautiful city on the beach.  It’s become one of my favorite places to go for work and I frequently grovel for assignments there.


One thing about my job that I really enjoy is being sent to places I would never have visited on purpose.  When I got the assignment to visit Toledo, OH in September I was all like “Mehhh….”  But after surfing the web a little bit I discovered Toledo is on one of the Great Lakes.  This is the Marblehead Lighthouse near Port Clinton which is about an hour east of Toledo on the southern shore of Lake Erie.

So there they are.  My 12 favorite images from 2015.  There are a couple of dozen more that I hated to leave out and maybe it’s a misnomer calling these the “Best.”  I should probably have named it my “Favorite” images of 2015.  Now to start planning on New Year’s day.  Hmmmmm,