Here’s a link to my gallery of Favorites of 2013.  http://www.wcbeanphoto.com/portfolio335428p1.html

What a wild and crazy year!  Big changes in store for me in that I didn’t take any trips specifically dedicated to photography.  Well, I did attend the RMNP Spring Fling in Moab but that’s almost more of a social event than a photo trip and it’s only a weekend so that doesn’t really count.  There was a family trip to South Dakota over Memorial Day but I tend to spend more time with family than the camera on those trips.  The biggest change was in my job description.  In August I accepted an offer to join the travel team at work and since then I’ve been to 11 states and 25 cities and the bonus is I get to carry a camera with me.  Most times I only pack the G10.  Hey, I’m there for business and have to concentrate on my job but on trips to special areas I haul the big boy camera with me.  Not all of the images on my list of favorites came from business trips but a good deal of them did.

It all started New Year’s day, 2013.  I met my friends Bob Falcone and Todd Caudle for a sunrise shoot at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.  It was colder than heck but turned into one of those magic mornings where the elements all came together and resulted in a fabulous image.

A couple of the images in my favorites are images I’ve been trying to capture for a long time with limited success.  I’ve been visiting South Dakota regularly since Judy and I started dating nearly 40 years ago and have always been intrigued by Bear Butte and it’s spiritual importance to the Lakota Sioux people.  For whatever reason I’ve never gotten a decent image.  I was either there at the wrong time of day or the light was no good, you pick the reason.  This year we visited the ranch for Memorial Day and the conditions came together for a wonderful sunset.

The same goes for the Seattle image.  It’s one of the iconic views from Kerry Park.  I’ve never been there at the right time.  Many times it’s been raining or foggy.  (shocking weather for Seattle, I know) Other times I just didn’t make time to get there, choosing to spend time with my friends instead.  This year on a business trip I got it.

Other images came as a surprise.   There are two images from the beach at Carlsbad, CA.  I had an image in my mind that Carlsbad was up in the desert and when I got a business trip scheduled there I didn’t foresee any great photo opps.  I was surprised to find it’s not in the desert, it’s a beach community.  I only had the G10 and no tripod for the first trip but I had to go back for a different company a week later and took the full camera kit with me.  Beach sunsets are amazing and I witnessed one of the most incredible sunsets I’ve ever seen.

False Kiva.  I’ve been to Canyonlands quite a few times and once tried to find False Kiva with no success.  This year some of the folks at the RMNP Spring Fling were going to make the hike and I met them there but was sick with a pounding headache.  The sky was overcast and the light was flat and boring so I decided to nap in the truck instead of making the hike.  I had my friend Bret Edge show me where the trail started in case I started feeling better.  I took a power nap for about 20 minutes and still had a banger of a headache when I woke up but like I’d seen at Bear Butte, there was a gap in the cloud deck at the western horizon and I figured that when the sun hit that gap it might be pretty amazing.  And who knows when I’ll get out this way again.  I headed down the trail, fell a couple of times and suffered a high ankle sprain but I made it to the kiva and 5 minutes later the sun hit the gap in the clouds and it was magic.  Good decision on my part.

So there you have it.  Here is the link to the gallery on my website.  I hope you enjoy viewing the images as much as I had creating them.