New Year's Sunrise, Garden of the Gods

New Year’s Sunrise, Garden of the Gods

I had a feeling early on that it might be a lean year photographically.  I had planned a my annual trip to Arizona in March for baseball and time with my gals there but that trip usually ends up being more about family.  Then a trip to South Dakota for Easter came around.  And of course I have to make the RMNP Spring Fling in Moab since I missed it last year.  Clearly, I was wrong…It’s heating up…can you feel it?  Photographically speaking I mean.  Granted, it snowed today and is very cold in Colorado but the weather and my photographic juices are warming up.

Partly because of some of the images I’ve come up with so far this year including the one at the top of the blog.  New Year’s Day 2013 sunrise.  I’ve created an ongoing portfolio on my website of images that you can see here. I’ll be adding more images as the year goes on but there’s a start.  I have a feeling I’m going to be in trouble when it’s time to come up with my 12 favorites of 2013.   

Other than the Spring Fling in May and a quick weekend trip to Grand Junction for Special Olympics June 1, there are no trips planned.  I’ve talked about another visit to South Dakota in June where I might sneak off to the Badlands for a day or two, and I’m sure something else will come up so keep checking back.  I’ve got a new (to me) wide angle zoom that’s just aching to be put through it’s paces.  Let’s all have a grand year and I’ll see you somewhere down the road.