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This one is difficult for me.  I’m a Yankees fan..have been for over 5 decades.  My father and my paternal Grandmother were from Oklahoma and the year I was born was Mickey’s rookie season.  I grew up listening to their games broadcast on radio and television, called by Dizzy Dean and Pee Wee Reese.  I had no choice but to be a Yankees fan.  Mickey, Yogi, Moose, Clete…Bobby and Tony in the keystone.  Later came Jete, Giambi, and A-Rod.  And I loved them all….until today.

I’ve always followed the career of Alex Rodriguez, even when he was with Seattle before getting the behemoth contract from the Rangers.  I was ecstatic when he became a Yankee.  The youngest player in the history of the game to reach 500 career homers.  IN THE HISTORY OF THE GAME!  I was a staunch defender when he failed a test for steroids.  Heck, they all do that and it helped him recover from serious injuries quicker.  When he was dating the Blonde du Jours it didn’t matter.  I had hope that he and Kate Hudson would stick but it wasn’t to be.  I was despondent when he found solace with Madonna but that didn’t last either.  I felt bad for him when he got blamed for hitting the most unimportant home runs in history and when he flopped in the post season.  I was a fan.  But that’s all gone now.  The respect, the admiration…all gone.  And as a Yankees fan, I can’t wait till A-Rod is gone from the roster.

Lots of pro athletes have charities that they sponsor and A-Rod is no exception.  And most of those charities do marvelous work though not all.  (See Anquon Bolden, Josh Beckett, and others.)  In 2007 A-Rod and JZ started a charity.  That year they raised over $700k by hosting a charity poker tournament and after expenses and facility rental they cleared over $400,000.

Today I read a story online stating that of the $400,000 they made, the charity sent exactly $5090 to needy folks.  $5000 to JZ’s scholarship fund and $90 to a Little League baseball team in Miami.

Think about that for a moment:  You collect over $400,000 for charity and the charities you support get $5090.  That’s just over 1%.  ONE FREAKING PERCENT!!  This may well be one of the most reprehensible things I’ve ever heard of an athlete and celebrity perpetrating on the American public.  This borders on criminal and it’s worth noting that shortly after this occurred the IRS stripped the A-Rod Family Foundation and JZ Scholarship fund of their 501(c)3 status.  I can only hope that they will also be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

I can only imagine what the donors are thinking.  Perhaps some of them will want to drag these two pieces of human waste into court.  Perhaps some will want to track these bozos down, stomp a mudhole in their behinds, and drag their unconscious bodies into the courtroom.  Personally, I will not watch or listen to another Yankees game as long as A-Rod is on the roster.  The sooner he goes away, the better.

Oh yeah…one more question.  Hey A-Fraud…where’s the rest of the money?