One of my new favorite pastimes is reworking older images with new software and an even newer skillset.  While browsing through some old files I came across this panoramic image of Vancouver, BC from a trip there in 2006.  I started with 6 vertical images shot with techniques I learned at a George Lepp seminar.  I processed the raw files with Photoshop Elements 3 or 4, I can’t remember which, to match exposure and color balance.  They were then stitched together with PanoramaMaker 3.0 (So outdated it won’t even load on my newest computer) then imported back to Elements for final cropping and processing.  A little tedious but ending with an image I was pretty proud of.  But that was then and this is now.

For this image, I imported the original “finished” panorama into Lightroom and made some subtle adjustments.  As I said before, I was comfortable with the original image so I didn’t plan on doing a lot with it.  First I set the white point and black point using the Exposure and Blacks sliders.  Next I moved to the Clarity and Vibrance sliders and touched them a bit.  Not a lot, just a little…just the right amount.  Finally I added in a slight “S” curve to increase the contrast a little.  Here you see the finished product.  A little snappier, a little clearer but not to the point of being garish.

I really enjoy working over some older images with new techniques.  It gives me a chance to make “improvements” on some of my favorite images but even more, I get to revisit some of my favorite places again in my mind.  Give it a try…it’s FUN!