Kind of a lazy afternoon.  I’ve already mowed the lawn, loosened the dirt around the onions in my garden so then can get bigger than golf balls, been to the grocery store, and had a snack.  Now I’m in the process of switching channels between the Rockies/Padres and Yankees/White Sox games.  But I’ve been thinking about some things and here they are in no particular order.

1.  San Francisco…the image on this blog is from Fisherman’s Wharf several years ago.  My wife just returned from a week long business trip to San Francisco and after telling me about all the great food she had I’m jealous.  I hope my part time backup travel job at work will get me to the City by the Bay soon.  Guess we’ll see.

2.  Speaking of the Rockies and work, last week Bob Apodaca, the Rox pitching coach for 10 years went  to Dan O’Dowd’s office to tender his least that’s what the news reports say.  He ended up getting a promotion (I guess) to Special Assistant to the General Manager.  I’m trying to visualize what would happen if I went to my boss and said I’m quitting.  Pretty certain I wouldn’t get promoted.

3.  More Rockies..I have reached the conclusion that they’re just too nice.  Coaches, players, GM, and owners.  It’s all too warm and fuzzy.  Example:  In yesterday’s game Dexter Fowler hit a ball into the right field corner with a runner on first.  The runner came around to score but Dexter, while running between second and third base, had his head turned watching the right fielder instead of putting his head down and running hard like he’s supposed to.  Consequently, he was out at third.  In the dugout Jason Giambi, who is supposed to be the rah rah guy put an arm around him and said “Bummer…I thought you were going to make it.”  The guy makes a mistake I got my butt chewed for in Little League and he gets that.  Too nice…I want to see someone get up in his grill and say “Dex, you’re a professional…what the bleep were you thinking?”  Same thing with the pitchers:  Get a hitter down at 0-2 and groove a fastball thigh high in the middle of the plate…”what the bleep were you thinking?”  Come on Rox…toughen up.

3.  On a much more important note, the 2 major fires that have been eating up timber and homes along Colorado’s front range seem to have been largely controlled.  We had some micro burst winds a few minutes ago and I hope that didn’t hit the Waldo Canyon fire.  We need some rain desperately.

4.  Finally, my job entails that I spend a lot of time on the phones talking to my clients and they always tell us, don’t talk about religion or politics and I understand fully why that is.  A couple of days ago I posted a political opinion on Facebook that got some very strong reaction.  I don’t intend to change my thinking or take anything back but I’m a bit disturbed that 2 of my good friends, one who has been among my closest friends for 40 years, took offense.  So I’m giving notice:  Moving forward I will limit my political opinion posts on Facebook, G+, and in my blogs.  The friendship of these people is far more important to me than the ability to spout off about politics.  I’m not going to be walking on eggshells, but neither am I going out of my way to antagonize anyone.  I love you guys to death and care more about your friendship than anything else.

So, in the immortal words of Buckaroo Banzai, “No matter where you go, there you are.”  Out.