I freely admit I’m a skeptic.  When I was looking at images of the Palouse region of Washington State to gain inspiration for my trip I thought “No way…those colors are NOT there.”  I know there are greens and browns but purples and other stuff…no way.  Well, after not seeing the sun for a week since sunset on the Olympic Peninsula last Monday night, I got some sun on the hills around Steptoe, WA and by golly, those colors ARE there.  I was mistaken..not wrong, just mistaken.

I slept in my car on top of Steptoe Butte and it rained all night, finally stopping about 4:00am.  I looked at the eastern sky around 4:30 and almost went back to sleep but decided there was maybe a 10% chance for some sun.  Got the camera out and WOWZA!  The sun came up, hit a gap in the clouds and the landscape exploded with colors.  I think the aches and pains from sleeping in the car were worth it.