Just over 2 days till blast off.  If I seem a bit excited about this trip it’s only because I am.  For reasons I won’t go into I didn’t take any major photo trips last year.  Sure, I got some shooting time in while we were in Sedona for Erin and Sean’s wedding but that’s about it.  I broke my pattern of taking 1 or 2 solo trips for photography only last year and it’s been gnawing on me for a while.  This year I’m making up for it almost immediately.

My Northwest photo trip is the most ambitious trip I’ve undertaken in quite some time.  I’ll be away from home for 15 days.  The first 10 days I’ll be solo, eating hastily prepared food, sleeping in the car, and, hopefully, creating some wonderful images.  And I can’t wait!

I think everything is ready to go.  As is my habit I’ll be checking and double checking the lists I’ve been making over the past few weeks.  And as is also my habit I’ll forget something.  Always happens…I can’t escape it.  But it won’t matter.  If I forget something crucial I’ll drop by a Wal Mart somewhere and replace it.  If it’s not crucial, I’ll live without it.

Mostly, I’ll be on the road…chin in the wind…knees in the breeze…whatever description you prefer.  I’ll see some new places and some old familiar ones.  Meet new friends and break bread with some dear old friends.  And as always, when I come back I’ll be renewed.  You see, this is my passion…my jones.  And it needs to be satisfied.

To quote a Jackson Browne lyric “…and as I stepped back outside into the early morning light, I heard that highway whisper inside…’Are you ready to fly?”  Yes…I’m ready.