With just 7 days to go till blast off, It’s starting to get a bit hectic.  I’ve gotten a lot of stuff done but still have a lot to do to get ready.  I’ve also changed a bit of my philosophy:  In the past I’ve posted blogs/trip reports that rambled on and on and on…this time I’m going to do things a bit differently.  Instead of one massive trip report I’m going to break it up into smaller shorter posts.  Maybe not every day but pretty much every other day.

The image above is my attempt at a Colorado version of some images I’ve seen from the Palouse region in Eastern Washington.  Granted, there is only one Palouse but this scene caught my eye one day on my way to work.  Hopefully a couple weeks from today I’ll be posting some images from the real Palouse but for now, this is my version.  Near Franktown, Colorado, I drove past this barn every day on my way to and from work.  This time of year when the fields are greening up it makes a nice contrast.  This image, though, is from late last summer after the hay has been cut.  I can almost smell the newly mown hay.