2 weeks…14 days till Getaway day.  I’ve blogged before about what goes into the planning for a photo trip for me but this time I’m going to present it in a little different format.  First, an outline of the trip:

Leave Denver 5/26 and haul buns west to the Columbia River Gorge near Portland, Oregon.  Knowing how long I can typically drive in a given day I’ll probably pull over somewhere in Idaho or (hopefully) Eastern Oregon to get some sleep.  Sleeping in the car for the most part so that’s not a problem.

Roll into the Gorge sometime the afternoon or evening of 5/27.  I hope I can get there early enough to scout a couple of locations and maybe get some good sunset light but we’ll see.  2 days shooting in the Gorge before heading up the coast to Olympic National Park.  2 or 3 days there shooting sunsets on the beaches and the rest of the day in the Rain Forest.  Head to Seattle for a day or 2 of hashing over the Good Ole Days with some college friends then head to the Palouse for 2 or 3 days of photography.

The only restriction on my time spent in each area is that I have to be at the Spokane airport a little before noon on June 5th to pick up my daughter, Heather.  She and I will hit the road and after an overnight in Butte, Mt will roll into West Yellowstone, Montana for a couple of days exploring that part of the park.  Then down the road to Jackson Hole for 2 days exploring Grand Teton National Park before heading home on the 10th.

I’ve compiled a shoot list for the Gorge and the Olympic Peninsula so that’s done.  Now I’m just making lists.  One for things I need to do to get camping and cooking gear ready.  Another list for getting photo gear cleaned and ready.  A third list for packing clothes for the trip.  A fourth list for grocery shopping.  Once Heather arrives we’ll be in hotels for the duration but before that I need to pack enough stuff to cook for myself for 10 days.  Sometime tomorrow I’ll haul out the maps and start marking prospective locations.

In a few days I’ll have coffee with a pal who has been to the Palouse recently and I’ll pick his brain for location advice.  Then I’ll start crossing things off the list.  Can you tell I’m excited?  More stuff tomorrow.