Seems I may have outsmarted myself again.  About a year ago I picked up a used ClikElite Pro Elite backpack.  Great little pack..compact and light weight and holds all my stuff for the moment.  But after hanging out with my pal Bret Edge for a New Year’s Day shoot in Arches National Park I started thinking about the convenience of having a chest pack to carry a camera body with lens attached on my chest where it’s easily accessible.  So I started looking around to see what’s available.  Well, ClikElite has a series of chest packs that are designed to be used with “your existing Clik photo backpack.”  I checked my Pro Elite and sure enough, it has the 4 quick release buckles and I decided to get one.  Found one on ebay for a great price and it arrived today….with issues.  No issue with the chest carrier itself…it’s brand new.  Still has the tags attached.  Beautiful piece of equipment.  But it has different buckles than my Pro Elite.  It simply won’t attach the way Clik says it should.  Older backpack + newer chest carrier = Epic Fail!  I suppose I can still use it with the chest harness that came along with it but dammit, I want it to work the way it’s designed.  So there is an email on it’s way to Clik to see if I can score some older style buckles for the chest carrier.  Cross your fingers for me.  I’ll keep you posted.