You know the old saying..If you want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans.  I can assure you, He got in some great guffaws last weekend during my trip to Phoenix.

It was a great plan:  Leave work early Thursday and fly to Phoenix.  Spend the evening visiting with my daughter and granddaughter before turning in at a reasonable hour.  Up early Friday to meet Paul D. at his super secret location to photograph the sunrise then back to Erin’s house for more visiting and cook a great supper that can’t be beat.  Photograph another sunrise on Saturday and head to Scottsdale for a Rockies game at Salt River Field at Talking Stick, the new complex.  Another supper that can’t be beat and more visiting time Saturday night.  Up for another sunrise on Sunday and then a round of golf before a relaxing afternoon in preparation for my flight home on Monday.  Great plans, right?  Ha!

The flight was okay.  I got my rental car and headed for Erin’s house.  Got there around 10pm and spent a few minutes catching up with the gals.  First bummer:  Erin is ill.  Not a problem, it happens.  But it was a drag because there was absolutely nothing I could do to make her feel better.  I got hooked up to the web and ran Mapquest to figure out how long it would take me to reach the location on Friday morning.  When I told Sean where I had to go he said “Whoa…that’s a LONG drive.”  MQ told me it was a little over an hour to reach the location where I was meeting Paul so I headed to bed.

Up at 5am Friday (Geez…just like being at work) and on the road.  The 202 to the 101.  Exit at Bell Road and…well, you don’t need to know that.  It’s Paul’s location, not mine.  I got there a little early and even had time to stop for coffee on the way.  Paul showed up right on time and after a little conversation we had cameras on tripods and were waiting for the sun to pop over the mountains.  It happened, we did some shooting, and then Paul had to head off to work.  I stayed around and caught a couple more images before heading back to Erin’s house.

In retrospect, I should have played golf on Friday but hey, if I always did everything I should have I’d be rich by now.  Erin was feeling a little better and we visited for a while.  I went out for a while to get the makings for my world-famous chicken enchiladas and we had a great supper.  Another early night since I was planning on shooting another sunrise on Saturday.

Saturday morning there were a few more clouds at sunrise but not enough to give any decent color.  I found an interesting location near Gold Canyon but was largely unimpressed with my images.  Back to Erin’s house to get ready for BASEBALL!  Okay, I know I should have gotten tickets a couple of weeks before but I had no idea who would be going along so I figured we could walk up and get General Admission tickets anytime.  Erin wasn’t feeling well, Sean was working, and Katrina was hanging out with her friends so I headed out to Salt River for a ballgame.  Bummer…the game was sold out.  I asked the parking guy and he said “Oh yeah, you can definitely get a GA ticket.”  I paid my $5 and headed up to the ticket office.

I need to take a moment to tell you how freakin spectacular the Rockies and D-Backs’ new training facility is.  I didn’t get to see the inside of the main stadium but the practice fields, batting cages, and other facilities are amazing.

But back to the ticket fiasco…I was told the game was sold out, even General Admission, and no more tickets would be released.  I was shut out…0 for 1…cut down at the plate…I tried for 30 minutes but couldn’t find anyone with a spare ticket so I headed back to Erin’s.  I should have played golf on Saturday afternoon.

Here’s where it gets really interesting.  Saturday evening shortly after supper it started to rain.  I figured what the heck, this is the desert.  Rain Rain go away!  But it didn’t.  All night Saturday night…most of the day Sunday.  Golf was out.  Sunday afternoon I saw some brightening to the west and figured the rain might quit so I grabbed the cameras and headed out to Apache Junction.  It was raining off and on but there were some opportunities to create some images like the one at the top of this blog.  I spent the afternoon looking for images and came away with some pretty interesting ones.  But it was still raining and even snowed for a few minutes when I was parked at Lost Dutchman State Park.  I got snowed on again Monday morning near Erin’s house but that’s another blog for another time.

Friday..Semi Fail     Saturday….Semi Fail     Sunday….Major Fail…..and that noise you heard in the Valley of the Sun (yeah, right) Sunday and Monday..that wasn’t thunder, it was God chuckling at me.