Do you believe in “signs?”  No, not the kind of signs that tell you what street you’re on or how far you have to drive to reach your destination.  Those are tangible…they’re real.  I’m talking about the signs that portend something good or something bad is about to happen to you or that you’re in the right place at exactly the right time.  Not exactly Deja Vu, nor is it Serendipity.  More like a Premonition.  Do you believe?  Do you?  Here are a couple of examples.

A few years ago I was traveling home to Colorado from Phoenix and stopped in Monument Valley for an overnight and some sunrise photography.  The times I’ve been to Monument I like to stay at Goulding’s Lodge.  I’m fascinated by the historical element and the food in their cafe is pretty good. (Try the Navajo Taco) I checked into my room, opened the drapes to gaze out at the buttes and crags of Monument Valley, and turned on the TV.  I was a little surprised that the first program coming up was the movie Windtalkers.  Here I am across the street from the Navajo Nation, just up the road from Monument Valley Tribal Park, surrounded by Navajo Art in the room and watching a movie about Navajo code talkers in WWII.  Was it a sign?  A premonition?  A coincidence?  I don’t know but it made me think a little bit.  But wait…it gets better.

On Sunday my daughter, Heather, was competing in the Colorado Special Olympics State Winter Games as a snowboarder.  She had a difficult run in the morning, missing a couple of gates and being disqualified in the Slalom.  We had a quick lunch and then headed back up the hill for the Giant Slalom.  I got a little mixed up and missed her first run so had to make sure I caught the second run.  I skied down to my vantage point alongside the course about halfway between the start and finish and figured I had about 20 minutes to wait.  I spent a little while trying to capture a photo of the magnificent scenery on my phone and post it to Facebook with no success.  Not a good enough phone signal so I gave up on that and pulled out my Ipod, fired it up and the first tune that started playing (I have it set to “shuffle” to play the tunes randomly) was Rocky Mountain Way.  30 seconds later I saw Heather coming down the hill and was able to get a few shots with the G10.  For a moment I was overwhelmed by the situation.  Surrounded by the amazing scenery of the Colorado High Country, listening to one of the best tunes ever written about Colorado, watching Heather shred the course…it doesn’t get much better than that.  Was it a sign?  A premonition?  I don’t know but she came up with the gold medal for the GS. State Champeen!  A perfect end to a nearly perfect day.  Way to go Heather!

So there you have it.  You may not believe in signs but I’m pretty sure I do.  At least in these two cases.