I have the perception that photographically speaking 2011 wasn’t a great year for me.  During a “normal” year I take 2 or 3 trips dedicated to creating images.  In 2011 I was limited somewhat due to some health issues I had to resolve and really only had 2 trips I could say were “photo” trips.  With that in mind, when a lot of my photographer buddies began posting their “best of 2011” I was feeling a bit left out.  But I started digging through the images I have from 2011 and surprised myself by coming up with about 12 images.  Not necessarily my “best” but certainly my favorites of 2011.  It was tough narrowing it down to 10 but here goes.  Let me know if you have questions on why I chose these images.

#10 On the way to Sedona in September for my daughter’s wedding I made sure there was time to travel some of the Old Route 66.  “Well I’m standin’ on a corner in Winslow, Arizona…..”


#9  While the gals were shopping and getting stuff to make them beautiful for the wedding I slipped away for a couple hours and walked the streets of Jerome, AZ.  Found this old time fire engine peeking through the garage door.


#8  On my yearly late July trip to Crested Butte for wildflowers I found this hillside of Mule’s Ears and Lupines.  One of my favorite things to do is use a long lens to extract a comp out of a grand landscape.


#7  In May I traveled to Moab, UT for a gathering of fellow photographers who are members of Rocky Mountain Nature Photographers.  Good food, great companionship, and oh yeah, we did some photography.  Sunset at Grand View Overlook, Canyonlands National Park.  Another telephoto extraction.


#6  Back to my walkabout in Jerome.  This old aluminium shed had been painted probably 10 different colors and in some areas all 10 showed through.


#5  Last one from Jerome.  Sometimes I go out looking for images that I perceive will be nice in Black & White.  When I was first learning photography I was taught to “see” in B&W which is entirely different than seeing in color.


#4  Whenever I head to Crested Butte in July I’m on the lookout for Columbines, the State Flower of Colorado.  Found these near Gothic.


#3  The view from the parking lot at our condo in Sedona the day before the wedding.  Dramatic skies, red rocks, vortexes…what more could you ask?


#2  My favorite image from the Moab trip and probably my most marketable image from 2011.  The Klondike Bluffs region of Arches National Park.


Finally, 1A and 1B.  My daughter, Erin, as a beautiful bride and the heirs to my fortune.  Chris, Erin, Granddaughter Katrina, and Heather.  What a glorious day this was.

And there you have it.  These are not my “best” images nor are they all great images.  But it’s not about “best” or “greatest…it’s about my favorites.  Some are favorites because I like the technique used to make the images and some are favorites because of the emotional attachment to the images.  But they are my favorites.