It’s no secret I haven’t been feeling the Christmas spirit very much this year.  Not sure why but I’ve just not been in a Christmas state of mind.  I think some of it has to do with the lack of a tree.  Not long ago we had some trouble with some leaky plumbing upstairs that did some damage to the ceiling in the dining room.  To facilitate repairs we moved the dining room furniture into the living room.  To make room there we had to move some stuff from the living room into the family room.  Bottom line is we have no place to put up our big tree.

Thinking that was part of my problem, I stopped by Wal Mart on the way home from work this evening and picked up an inexpensive tiny tree with built in lights and the last 2 packages of equally tiny ornaments.  We managed to clear out a spot in one corner of the family room to set it up and tada!  Christmas tree.  Yeah, I know…it looks a little like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree, but it’s a tree with lights and ornaments.  I felt my spirits begin to lift a little.

To help things, my friend Dan Salazar posted a link on Facebook to the Nitty Gritty Band’s “Colorado Christmas” which is the source of the title of this blog.  I listened to it a couple of times and although Christmas music seems to make me a bit maudlin, I felt my spirits lift a little more.

Earlier this week Jay Leno said he never feels like it’s Christmas until he hears Nat King Cole sing “The Christmas Song” either played on the radio or in a store somewhere.  I admit, the King’s version is my favorite and to a degree maybe that’s what I need for the Christmas spirit sometimes.

But hey, I’ve heard the Dirt Band singing Colorado Christmas, I got a tree, we have presents under it, and it’s going to be a “quiet Christmas morning in the Colorado snow.”  Merry Christmas everyone.