If you’ve read my previous 2 blogs you know about my health situation and my fight against Prostate Cancer.  If you haven’t, please access them at the bottom of this page and read them.

Today while going through some old mail I came across a letter from my Urologist regarding an organization (I assume it’s part of the government) called the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF).  This group has recently recommended that healthy men should not receive prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood tests as part of routine cancer screening.  If this recommendation is adopted, public and private insurance policies will ultimately stop paying for this vital test.

As you know from my previous blogs, the PSA screening is what uncovered my prostate cancer and allowed me to get appropriate treatment.  Without the PSA screening I would never have known I had cancer.  There were no symptoms, I felt fine, nothing hurt.  In my case PSA screening may have saved my life.

The only way to stop this recommendation from taking effect is to have your opinion heard.  Please contact the USPSTF and your elected officials now.  The USPSTF will accept comments on it’s proposal to downgrade the PSA test through November 8, 2011.  Please share your views on the importance of PSA testing.  Go to the website  www.tinyurl.com/AACU-PSA  where you will find prewritten letters and links to elected officials and news sites.  It’s as simple as filling in your name, address, and clicking “send.”

If you have any questions please consider the following:

1.  Prostate cancer is the most common non-skin cancer among men in the US.

2.  PSA testing detects 90% of all prostate cancers before spreading to other areas of the body.

3.  Before early detection through PSA testing, only 1 in 4 prostate cancer cases were found in early stages.

4.  Nearly 100% of men diagnosed with prostate cancer in the early stages are still alive 5 years from diagnosis.

5.  PSA testing has contributed to a 20% to 70% decline in prostate cancer deaths since the mid-1990’s.

Please act on this now.  We simply can NOT allow PSA testing to be eliminated.

If you have questions I urge you to call me at 303-847-3744