I admit it..I’m a Twit…or a Tweeter…or whatever you call someone that uses Twitter.  I get tweets on my phone and on my computer from all sorts of people but mostly photographers.  I get links to some pretty sweet photographs on almost a daily basis and also links to other photographers’ blogs.  Both of these things are interesting and worthwhile to me.  I also follow a few folks in the sports industry for updates on all things sporting.  In short, it’s a great source of information to me.

What I don’t do is let everyone know what I’m having for supper or what the traffic is like when I’m driving home.  (I put those on Facebook)  More importantly, I don’t use Twitterspeak.  You will never see me tweet “U” instead of you and I won’t use “R” instead of are.  Using a few more letters just means I need to be more succinct in my tweets and stay within 140 characters.  Mostly, I just use Twitter to alert my followers of blog entries like this one.

Today while I was out running errands I got to listen to a debate on the radio that pretty much sums up how people feel about Twitter.  The discussion was between a local sportswriter and a sportstalk radio host.  The writer says he feels a bit put off by Twitter and doesn’t use it.  He was lamenting the fact that several of his peers who had gone to Journalism school because they wanted to be writers are now standing on the sidelines at team practices and tweeting every 20 seconds or so instead of eloquently expressing themselves as they used to.  “How eloquent and relevant can you be in 140 characters?”

The radio guy was on the other side.  He uses Twitter for just about everything.  He has several thousand followers and follows several thousand more.  He follows a lot of players on the local sports teams and is of the belief that he gets some great information on Twitter.

The argument raged for nearly 30 minutes and both had cogent points to make but ultimately, I think I’ll use Twitter sparingly.  I don’t really need to know what a Broncos player is thinking or how a Rockies player did on the golf course.  Maybe I’ll evolve a little more but I don’t think so.  In the meantime, R U paying attention?